Top Ten Reasons for Moving to Lexington Ky

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Here’s my Top Ten Reasons for moving to Lexington Ky (in no particular order)…!

(1)   Lexington KY offers the Best of both worlds!   Lexington offers a balance of country and city environments, easily accessible in just minutes. I’ve lived in a number of places (Western & Central Massachusetts, Chicago, mid-Michigan, Upstate NY, Atlanta), and the balance of city size and country access truly provides options for all, and the ability to cross back and forth into worlds when you need something a bit different.

(2)   Lexington KY offers Geographic convenience:  Easy access to the Interstate and central to this entire half of the country at least (yes, California, we know you exist!). Seriously, you can drive (in the better part of a day) to the coastal areas, Florida, New England and the Midwest. These all offer very different environments for those who enjoy travel and change. Of course, you can also hit Louisville or Cincinnati in little over an hour for those few things that you may not find here.

(3)   Lexington KY’s Population size: Personally, I have lived in some extremes….from a small town of about 700 people in an isolated location of Michigan, to a small city (Ithaca, NY – about 80,000 at the time) to the belly of Atlanta (about 4 million people).  At approximately 306,000, Lexington offers the benefits of a city with the feel of a ‘large town’.  This goes for traveling around and pockets of people and local familiarity as well.

(4)   Lexington KY’s Convenient Road System:  Being set up as a ‘spoke and wheel’ transportation template (vs. large city ‘grids’) allows easy access from any point to any other in no more than 20 minutes. Ever live in a big city and spend hours in your vehicle? Except for the occasional accident and a few traffic lights that could be timed a bit differently, you’ll find getting around relatively easy.

(5)   Lexington KY’s Range of Arts: Lexington, home of the Lexington Art League, offers a wide range of Art & Music interests, including the Lexington Art League’s  Loudon House Fourth Friday gatherings, to Gallery Hops, from the local bands at Al’s Bar to the growing the Lexington Distillery District  the Lexington Opera House, you can find a bit of it all…

(6)   Lexington KY’s Family Environment: If you’ve got kids, then you’ll love it here. Plenty of things to do from the Kentucky Horse Park just north of Lexington, to the Lexington Children’s Museum (now called the Explorium) downtown. There are lots of parks in the Lexington area, and special hidden treats like the Valley View Ferry, established in 1785…take a look here for a recent adventure!  and the Fayette County Public School System offers a wide range of educational opportunities place for raising a family, with a kid-friendly overall safe environment. There are lots of different neighborhoods as well. As a prime example, the Kenwick area offers close proximity to downtown,  the charm of older architecture (featured annually in the Kenwick Bungalow Tour  and active neighborhood association where it’s clear that one concerned voice can make a difference!

(7)   Lexington KY’s Climate balance: Yes, we’ve been having a bit of ‘extreme’ winter compared to past years, but overall Lexington’s location offers a reasonable balance of the four seasons, with a somewhat even time span on those…just enough of a feel for each!

(8)   Lexington KY’s Hiking & biking: It’s becoming easier and more bike-friendly to get around Lexington, with projects like Town Branch Trail 8 mile bike/walking trail and the bike-friendly bus system. If you’re into outdoor hiking, you can pop over to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary just 10 minutes south of town, or head out to Red River Gorge (‘the little Grand Canyon’) to hike or climb. Cave Run Lake also offers hiking, boating and fishing, as well as Herrington Lake and Lake Cumberland, about an hour’s drive on those.

(9)   Lexington KY’s Sense of History: While we may not have the centuries of old history to the extent of Old New England, but there is most definitely a solid history here being in the heart of “Bluegrass Country”. Everywhere you drive on any side of Lexington, the sense of  “Kentucky Pride” can be felt, with miles and miles of manicured horse farms and fencing, and pastoral views of grazing horses everywhere!

(10)  Lexington KY’s Overall ambiance: Horses! Whether you are involved with them directly or not, one can’t help but admit that there is a certain unexplained energy that horses bring….a sense of peace passing them by grazing in fields everywhere, a sense of excitement and exhilaration watching them run at Keeneland Race Track, or just a sense of charm and history riding in or watching the horse and buggies downtown. It’s Lexington,  Horse Capital of the World…come and enjoy it with us!

(11)  Did I say just TEN Top Reasons?  What about The People!   The people are what you might expect…a nice blend of city and country. They’ll actually stop and talk to you (if you take the time), and interact with some kind of unspoken southern hospitality. But beware if you’re a fast moving Yankee (like me)…you might get caught up in the stories and not get your list for the day done!

What are your top ten reasons for moving to Lexington Ky? Email me or connect with me on Facebook!

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