Top Ten Reasons to Move to Downtown Lexington Ky!

move to downtown lexington

Lately I’ve met several folks who live in the city center and they all just rave about their experience and then list many positives. If you are considering moving here from out of town or just in from the suburbs you may be interested in learning more about life in our metro area. Here are the top ten reasons to move to downtown Lexington Ky:

There’s a certain (1) energy and vibrancy when living in the center of town. It’s like living in the heartbeat of the city. Here, you can feel the excitement of so much going on and feel a part of the action. Downtown is sandwiched between Transylvania University to the north and the University of Kentucky college campus to the south. The thousands of students and employees of both schools contribute to the steady thrum of activity  in the area. Concerts, events, theater and live performances are all nearby as well as many bars and clubs offering live music and dancing. Between the university related productions and events such as Downtown Lexington Corporation’s Thursday Night Live Series, there is a steady stream of entertainment choices.

Being in the heart of all this activity means that you’ll have a (2) better social life, as more friends will drop by and visit before a show. Your centrally-located home can be the meeting spot when gathering groups for a night on the town!

The fact that (3) you can walk everywhere to just about everything you need is a huge plus and is the first thing most downtown residents mention. In a one-mile radius of downtown (15 minutes on foot) city dwellers can attend shows and events at  Kentucky Theater, Rupp Arena, the Opera House, ballet, symphony, concerts, live theater, and a select from a full menu of restaurants from casual to fine dining. Daily living is easy with banks, the post office, library, FedEx and a UPS store, the Morris Book Shop, the courthouse and government offices all just a short stroll from your door. Shorty’s Market provides a wide variety of fresh foods to pick up a quick meal or last minute items for the pantry. When the construction of a remodeled Kroger grocery is finished, all of your errands can be completed without ever even getting in your car! If you want still more exercise, there is a YMCA branch on High Street, LA Fitness on Main, several boutique gyms around, and even aerial yoga at The Mix.

Did you know that (4) people who live downtown are healthier than those who live in the suburbs? There’s a recent study that shows the fact they get out and walk more than others is a big plus for their health.

I would think that mental well-being is also a factor. People who live in urban areas (5) feel more connected to their community. Residents of downtown are more likely to know their neighbors than those that live in the suburbs. Isolation is more common when suburbanites arrive at home and glide into their attached garages without any interaction with those that live nearby. Downtown you’ll meet your neighbors walking your dog, at the farmers market, or at quaint places like The Juicery.

Those that live far from downtown are more likely to visit shopping malls, chains, and big box stores rather than locally-owned businesses. As an urbanite, you can feel good about supporting our economy when you (6) shop local at unique places like the Bella Rose Boutique, Stuart Mercer’s Gentleman’s Shoppe  and The Square (formerly Victorian Square). Dine at one of the dozens of locally-owned Lexington Ky restaurants located in the city center including  Common Grounds Coffee HouseVillage Host, Portofino, Wines on Vine and Joe Bologna’s.

And of course using less gas is (7)  good for the environment and (8) saves you money as well!

Think there’s not enough green space downtown? Well, think again! (9) Enjoy the public parks including Thoroughbred Park, Gratz Park, and Woodland Park. Visit other public spaces such as the 20-acre grounds and gardens of the Henry Clay Estate and the amazing Lexington National Cemetery.

An 800-acre setting that is very park-like is the (10) University of Kentucky campus. Just one-third of a mile from Main Street, the UK campus is convenient for many residents. Locals can walk or bike to classes (with a wide range of free courses, forums, lectures, and events offered to the public) as well as to all sorts of athletic events, the Fine Arts Museum, and the Singletary Center for the Arts. Singletary is known for its high quality performances, and often noted for its lack of adequate parking. If you live downtown you won’t have to deal with that! Remember, that Lexington also has a good bus and trolley public transit system, too!

Homes and condos for sale in downtown Lexington including the UK area currently range from $80,000 to over a million. Homes on the lower range of the scale are good for first time homebuyers as well as rental property investors. Neighborhoods to check out include Downtown, Equestrian View, Fayette Park, Gratz ParkAyelsford, Uk Campus and more.


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