Look at what’s coming to Lexington Ky: L’Escalade Fitness

L'Escalade Fitness in Lexington Ky

L’Escalade Fitness in Lexington Ky is under construction.

Check out this huge structure being built on North Broadway in Lexington Ky! It will become a major indoor rock climbing and fitness center that is scheduled to open later this year called L’Escalade Fitness.

The 25,000 square foot gym is in the design process and is expected to include several climbing zones including steep with boulders, a ropes section, and a space targeting kids. The owners plan community-based activities that include goal-setting and confidence-building.

View from L'Escalade Fitness in Lexington Ky.

View from Broadway of L’Escalade Fitness in Lexington Ky.

View from L'Escalade Fitness in Lexington Ky.

View from Broadway of L’Escalade Fitness in Lexington Ky.

L’Escalade is located at 916 North Broadway near Legends Stadium, inside New Circle Road, and convenient to both downtown and I-64 & I-75. This area which includes North Limestone has been attracting new businesses, while nearby neighborhoods are seeing interest from real estate investors and first time home buyers. Contact me to learn more.

By the way, the owners of the new climbing center are a married couple  who chose Lexington to build their dream gym- even though they were living in California. According to an interview in Climbing Business Journal, they chose Lexington because:

  • Red River Gorge, a climbing mecca, is just one hour away.
  • The city is large enough and active enough to support a gym of this kind.
  • Land and labor prices are reasonable.
  • Lexington “is a place where we’d be happy to raise a family [and] it has access to the lifestyle we want to lead.”

Their reasons just make me that much more excited to help people who are moving to Lexington KY. In fact this should probably be added to my Top Ten Reasons for moving to Lexington KY!  If you live here or are planning to move here and need help finding your next home, contact me, and we’ll make it both an educational and Fun adventure!

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