7 Secrets to Selling Quickly!

Why did this house sell in one day?

Why did this house sell in one day in Lexington ky?

Do you want your house to sell quickly? In this post, we share with you 7 secrets to selling quickly in your marketplace. I recently listed a home in Lexington Ky that sold in ONE DAY!  It was (as it should be) a team effort that helped to create this event. The sellers and my team did several things that contributed to such a short time on the market. Of course, there is never a guarantee of any time length to obtain a contract, but here’s a look at some of the things we did to help this house sell in one day that can be applied to any property going on the market:

1. House Site Evaluation & Preparation: Before the house went on the market, I did a site evaluation with the seller. During a room-by-room walk through, I recommended she replace or remove bulky furniture in order to make the space look larger. For example, she replaced a king bed in the master with a queen. She removed all clutter, including clearing off unnecessary items from the kitchen counters. She also made the closets look more spacious by removing some of the contents. Personal items such as photos and pet dishes were removed. Although it was winter, the seller was able to make the yard look as attractive as possible by removing twigs and leaves, and adding fresh mulch to pathways. And of course, everything was scrupulously clean!

Why did this house sell in one day?

2. House Staging: The seller staged the home for the photo session, and for subsequent showings. The front porch looked inviting with pillows and a throw. The dining table was set with attractive place settings. Chairs and the bed -all of the rooms, in fact- looked welcoming and ready for the new owner. More often than not, most homes have too  much stuff, and the solution becomes one of throwing away, storing or re-arranging items for maximum effect. In some instances, such as in vacant homes, it’s possible to actually bring staging furniture and props into the home to give it that lived in look.

And here’s a tip that runs contrary to what you see on all those TV shows: I recommend that you absolutely do NOT burn candles or use fragrances! Why? For one thing, many people have low tolerance for fragrances. For another, people often think the homeowner may be trying to ‘hide’ something (like the smell of animals). At most, a touch of air freshener is acceptable, but don’t go overboard, because it can be overwhelming in a not so positive way walking in the front door.

3. Professional Photography: If you can’t get people to come in the door see your home, you’ll never sell it. Awesome photos are the key to driving buyers to your house for sale, which is why I use a professional photographer for my listings. In this case, the pro I hired used Ultimate Image Technology to best bring out the color and natural details of the home.

Why did this house sell in one day?

Why did this house sell in one day?

Even the yard was spotless!

4. Promotion and Marketing: The photos mentioned need to go into the system immediately with a new listing!  If not, consumers will be left wondering what condition it’s in…and the information sent to other websites will also be incomplete. In addition to listing the home on the MLS so it is seen by other Realtors and general consumers, we also promoted the listing by posting it on a dozen real estate sites immediately, as well as Craigslist and, of course, Facebook! That targeted marketing, blasted out simultaneously to as many locations as possible, resulted in SIX showing requests within the first 24 hours, and serves to encourage the potential buyers looking not to delay with their offers and lose a good property.

5. Ease of Showing: My seller made it easy by not placing any restrictions or needing much advance notice for showings.  Although it may be inconvenient for a homeowner to leave for showings, that is the most advisable scenario; it’s important for Buyers to ‘have their space’, and to be able to see the home convenient to their work schedules. This may not always be the most convenient for the homeowners, but short-term inconvenience will lead to a faster sale.

6. Timing: By listing her home in February, this homeseller beat the Spring rush of homes going on the market. Less competition for surrounding homes, combined with those fresh Buyers from this season and leftover (often frustrated) buyers from the previous season make ‘spring’ start earlier than you might think!

7. Pricing: Yes, we saved this item for last, but it certainly is not the least important on the list! The mistake most sellers make is thinking, “Oh, we can always start high and come down later.”  Absolutely not a good strategy! This is certainly not to say that anyone wants to underprice their home either. It’s important to take a close look at the comparables and the active competition, leave a small buffer, but don’t plan on reducing your price later ‘if it doesn’t sell’.  As soon as your property hits a point of being on the market for longer than the average days, Buyers start to think “What’s wrong with this house?”  Rather, price it realistically from the start and the competition for your well-priced and prepared property will serve to create ‘the perfect storm’ of homebuyers to get the job done quickly!

In summary, here are the major key elements:

CONDITION: This is controlled by the Sellers, along with some advice and coaching from their agent (often with staging support).

MARKETING: This is controlled by the Agent. Make sure you have a seasoned agent with a plan!

PRICING: This is controlled by the Marketplace, and should be studied carefully by both the Seller and Agent to price accordingly

So, that is how we were able to sell this home in one day! If you would like to sell your home in Lexington Ky, contact me now. The time is right, and our team is ready and waiting to go to work for you!

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