The wagon wheel is a top ten reason to move to Lexington Ky

move to lexington ky

The wagon wheel layout of Lexington is a top ten reason to move here.

People new to town tell me again and again how much they love the layout of Lexington. Even transplants who have come here from smaller towns are pleased to find that it’s easy to get from here to there. The city is laid out like a wheel and hub with main arteries extending out from the center core. Out of town buyers tell me this wagon wheel design is a huge draw. In fact, it is one of the top ten reasons to move to Lexington Ky.

Residents appreciate that the vast majority of Lexington can be reached from downtown in 15 minutes or less. In addition to main roads such as Harrodsburg, Tates Creek, Nicholasville and Broadway serving as spokes in the wheel, we also have a ring road. New Circle Road encircles town serving as a beltway connecting all of Lexington. Plus, Man O’ War Boulevard is an outer half-circle linking the east to the west side of town.

If you want to live in the center of everything with downtown at your fingertips and the rest of Lexington a short drive away, consider living close to the center of town -or even downtown. Nearby neighborhoods include Chevy Chase, Woodland Park, Aylesford, Bell Court, Mentelle Park, Kenwick and Ashland Park– along with several others.

move to lexington ky

If you prefer to live in a rural setting, but still be able to get around town easily, consider living on the outskirts of town by looking for homes for sale in neighborhoods outside of Man O’ War. Neighborhoods on the outskirts of Lexington include Firebrook, Brookmonte Estates, Hartland, Hartland Estates, Hartland Executive, Hartland GardensHartland WoodsSummerhill, Ellerslie at Delong, Olde Bridge, Palomar, Tanbark, Waterford, Pinnacle, and many more.

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