American Pharoah gets fed by Hallway Feeds in Lexington Ky

Hallway Feeds in Lexington Ky

Hallway Feeds in Lexington Ky

Did you know that horses need more to eat in addition to our famous Kentucky Bluegrass? They need grain in their diets as well. Equine nutrition is at the forefront of the operations at Hallway Feeds in Lexington Ky. This locally-owned business supplies high quality custom feed blends to Thoroughbred race horses in the area- and around the world. In fact, their special blend of grains were fed to 11 Kentucky Derby winners, including American Pharoah.

The mill manufacturers over 24 different kinds of feed, with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals part of the mix. Various ingredients include corn, oats, sunflower seeds, with various supplements mixed in. Each one is scientifically balanced to meet the needs of the horse, taking into account their age and lifestyle. There are also specific feeds designed to calm temperament, boost energy, and increase athletic performance. Other feeds are intended to condition the horse prior to entering an auction or show ring.  The mill has also formulated a mix to bring relief to horses suffering from disorders such as laminitis and Cushing’s syndrome. And of course, there is a specific formula especially for race horses.

Hallway Feeds partners with universities to research and develop the latest innovations in equine nutrition.Lexington Ky horse farms for sale The staff is very aware of the many aspects of a horse’s life that can affect their nutritional needs. For example, how stalling a young horse may affect bone growth, how lactation impact’s a mare’s dietary needs, and the challenges cold weather brings to equine diets.

The company is has a state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility in north Lexington on Loudon Avenue. Hallway Feeds in Lexington Ky supplies horse farms large and small…and perhaps even yours someday.

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