Buyer Programs

Our unique LexHomes Buyer Programs start with our 2015 BUYER PROMOTIONAL offering a Home Warranty, Inspection or $350 toward your closing costs… but they don’t stop there! In ADDITION, we offer our Buyers the following NEW CONSUMER CHOICES:



If you are one of those tech-savvy consumers that has spent hours on the internet searching for properties on LBAR, Zillow, Trulia and other sites, and feel that you have narrowed things down pretty well, why not use this program and RECEIVE A FULL ONE PER CENT OF THE PURCHASE PRICE BACK?  That’s right! We value our time as professional Realtors, and know that home searches can take months (sometimes even years). And yet, there are other times that consumers have done their homework, attended Open Houses over the years, learned the market, and pretty much have their decision narrowed down to a handful of homes. Typically, this type of consumer will simply call the various listing agents to get an appointment to view (and likely purchase) those homes. And, of course, that listing agent will be delighted to show and sell it to you! Yet here are a couple of points to consider… That listing agent cannot truly represent YOU in negotiations exclusively, because they will most likely need to act as a “Dual Agent” representing both the Sellers interest and yours; yet typically they will make both sides of the commission (i.e., the listing and selling agent portions) without saving you, the consumer, anything at all.  So why not RECEIVE A PORTION OF THE COMMISSION YOURSELF FOR THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE IN NARROWING DOWN YOUR SEARCH?  Not only will we represent YOU, our Buyer client, 100% in the negotiation process to save you on the purchase price, we will GIVE 1.0% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE BACK TO YOU!  WHY? Because we save our valuable time as well if you have done enough homework in advance. So contact us to make an appointment, get to know us (and we you!) and learn about the specifics* of our unique 1% Streamlined Buyer’s Rebate Program.



Buyer a home is a huge commitment, and we are dedicated to providing professional consultation to help best serve your goals. If you are committed to the process, and committed to working with us, why not be rewarded for that as well? Our “Risk-Reward” approach basically works like this:  You have a CHOICE of (1) participating in this program and (2) how much you want to invest in your home search. Essentially, you pay us an upfront non-refundable retainer for our services and, at time of successful closing, we will credit those funds back to you and MATCH them 100%.  That’s right!  Let’s say you feel confident that your home purchase is inevitable, and pay us a $250 retainer fee; you will then receive that $250 plus an additional $250 back at closing to use as you see fit.*   Risk-Reward optional retainers are non-refundable and are only subject to loss if you choose not to purchase a home or become ineligible for a mortgage. By following our recommendations and becoming pre-approved, you not only strengthen your position as a prime Buyer in the negotiation process, you also double your investment in the home-buying process through this Risk-Reward Matching Funds Program.



So…you are determined to find a home on your own and are not committed to any Realtor (we don’t recommend this, but if that’s what you choose, ok then…).  You find the home of your dreams and successfully negotiate with the owners of the property on the terms of your purchase. Now what? Our “FSBO Finder’s Contract to Closing Program” is designed just for you!  For a nominal fee (1/2% of the purchase price with a $1500 minimum), we will write the contract, assist you with your financing needs, oversee the inspection and appraisal processes and handle all matters related to successfully getting you to the closing table. It’s simple…we know the process inside and out, including where the pitfalls may be, and we are here to support and assist you through that process to a successful closing!


   Make sense?  We think so!  Contact Us   or simply click below and…


*Details of all programs are available at time of interview. Contributions limits are set for various price ranges in our Risk-Reward matching funds program, and all programs offered are subject to final approval by Underwriter guidelines. For example, funds may not be eligible for use as part of your actual down payment, but typically can be used toward your related closing costs, inspections, warranties etc. or even be given in cash post-closing for home improvements or toward a well-deserved vacation!