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[ NOTE: For a list of requirements to obtain your license, we highly recommend you visit Kentucky Real Estate College’s convenient online education offerings: Click Here ]


How New Agents Can Avoid This Syndrome!HERE’S THE HARD REALITY: Starting out in Real Estate can be a daunting task, with so many different places to focus that it can be overwhelming. The biggest problem most new agents have is the huge gap between getting their license and getting their first paycheck! Realistically, by the time they launch their initial marketing (an additional business expense), contact their ‘sphere of influence’ (one of the first typical suggestions made by most Brokers), then get out into the buying and selling arena, it can take on average 2-3 months (8-12 weeks) for their first contract to come together. With a typical closing time of 4-6 weeks tacked on to that, this leaves their first commission check at anywhere from 12-18 weeks (3-4 1/2 months). 

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YES! Here’s what we offer you at LexHomes Real EState to put your Real Estate Career on the FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS:

  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT & TRAINING – Our Principal Broker, Ivan ‘Z’ Newell, has 29 years of experience in real estate, including being a former New Agent Trainer for RE/MAX and a Certified Life Coach. His primary job is to support the agents to succeed. Availability of your Broker is key to success! What will he do for you? (1) Help you set your goals and create an action plan, including your life balance. (2) Hold you accountable for that plan!  (3) Support your successful start by MENTORING YOU ONE-ON-ONE with your first listing appointments, initial buyer interviews and other critical tasks to give you a personal boost in self-confidence!
  • EXCELLENT SYSTEMS – Being organized and using technology to your advantage is crucial to success! LexHomes Real Estate is constantly implementing new systems to take advantage of working smart! Our tools range from the typical Realtor training, to online paperless systems where you will never have to spend time running across town to sign a contract again!
  • LEAD GENERATION – One of our top priorities at LexHomes Real Estate is to create Lead Generation for our agents to keep them on the move!  To this end, we put our energy and resources into back end SEO optimization and syndicating our properties out into the world of the internet for maximum exposure and client capture. We then distribute those to our agents to get a fast start on working with clients. And we do not take extra referral fees from these leads!
  • COMPENSATION– We believe in treating our agents FAIRLY in all instances. If we treat you right, you will succeed and stay with us long-term. Our starting commission schedule is higher than you will find at just about any real estate office. More importantly, the value is there for you as an agent!  Our philosophy is WIN/WIN with good, honest support and communication all along the way.


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