Seller Consulting Programs

We offer both partial service programs to Sellers (including those choosing to sell their property “For Sale by Owner” using our For Sale by Owner Guru Team Services, as well as full service Seller programs based on our “Sliding Scale” commissions and/or “Risk/Reward” concept.



Depending on the extent of information which you desire, we can give you information and unbiased opinions as to your home’s value range, “Move vs. Improve” options, etc.  Why do we charge for this advice? It’s simple, really…typically when you call a Realtor in for a price opinion, or an opinion of whether or not, for example, you should add on to your home or sell your home and buy something larger, there is a built in ‘bias’ of sorts. Think about this for a moment… Realtors up to this point have only been paid for their services to existing homeowners via a sale. In other words, if and when the Homeowner eventually decides to sell their property and decides to list it with the Realtor giving them advice, that Realtor will eventually be paid. However, in all other circumstances, the time spent on doing a thorough Market Analysis for value, for example, remains unpaid. So built in to this age-old system of “compensation at sale only” is the Realtor’s predisposed tendency to give advise which works toward that eventual sale. This is simply human nature and the nature of the current “all or nothing” compensation system. By simply paying for services rendered (just as you would with a doctor, lawyer or accountant), we are able to then reduce the larger related fees for full service marketing programs.

So, in the example above of answering the Homeowner’s question “Should we move or improve?”, the natural inclination is for the agent giving advice to push toward the “move” or eventual listing, so that they will be paid at some point in the near future. There is also a tendency (and again, these are generalizations and may not be the case for 100% of agents) to lean pricing toward ‘what the Homeowners want to hear’, so that the agent has a greater chance of getting a listing is they are competing with other agents. NEVER CHOOSE AN AGENT BASED ON PRICE ALONE!

All of these built-in biases are hidden…which is not to say that any given agent is in any way intentionally misleading potential clients. Rather, it is simply the reality that when there is no compensation involved directly but earning a living depends on an eventual sale only, can the advice possibly be truly objective?

To this end, we offer a basic Seller Consultation package ranging from $150-$250, depending on the specifics and level of advice needed, research on properties involved, etc. Simply Contact Us to discuss the nature of your needs, and we will give you rates based on your situation. Some consultations are FREE, depending on the nature of the inquiry.


Does it really take twice as much effort and cost to sell a $500,000 home as it does a $200,000 home? We believe that, unless a person is marketing a specialty property and needs national advertising exposure (such as a particular business, an extremely specialized resort/vacation home, for example), the marketing is not much different from one property to another.  In response to this, we have created our “Sliding Scale” commission programs, allowing for a reduction in commission rates based on three major factors: (1) the price range of property (our overall commission rate actually decreases with certain price point breaks), (2) the length of time it takes to get a contract on your property from its initial listing date and (3) whether or not our All PropertyWorX listing agent sells your property (versus a co-op sale with another agent/office).  Schedule Your FREE Consultation for more specifics on what your property listing rate will be.


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What is “Risk-Reward” and why are we offering it?  For decades the real estate compensation model has been based upon successfully closing transactions…and, of course, that is always our goal!  Yet what people often do not realize is that the reason that Realtor fees are typically at a premium is because Realtors are essentially compensated for ALL of the work they do, including NOT being paid for those transactions which do not sell and close.  This will often include listings which do not sell, transactions which fall apart due to structural or environmental issues, buyers lack of qualifying, changes of moving plans, loss of jobs, etc.

Our “Risk-Reward” approach essentially does not in any way compromise the extent and level of service that we provide, yet offers the opportunity for consumers to benefit from lower commission rates. For example, a committed Seller who knows that they must sell and is willing to do what it takes in terms of making necessary property improvements, realistic pricing, etc. realizes that it is only a matter of time before their property sells and closes. By agreeing to pay an (optional) upfront, non-refundable fee, the Seller is sharing some of the risk that their property may not sell, thus allowing the Realtor to be compensated is that should occur. Yet when it finally does close successfully, they will also share in some of the reward by paying less fees in total.

Here’s an example of a recent real situation with one of our programs.